September 13, 2014


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  • I cannot find any other way to contact your company in order to ask a question. I believe I purchased one of your hard case medical supply kits (I believe it was the Multi-Trauma WR Case 50 person) at the recent Firm Foundation expo in SLC. I was told at that time that there was not a kit that I could take with me, but it would be sent at a later date. I would have paid cash but I have no receipt. I also purchased the Multi-Trauma Backpack 6-20 and was able to take it with me. I paid cash for that, but once again I have no receipt. If I did in fact purchase the trauma case it would have been entered into the laptop by the gentleman tending the booth. Frankly, I can’t remember if money changed hands. I would appreciate your help in this matter. If it helps, I’m the tall guy on crutches. Thank you.

    Douglas Warcup
    120 W Oak Circle
    Woodland Hills, UT 84653

  • I am very interested in your large medical backpack. I would like to know if you can sell me an empty pack. I have some specialized equipment to to put in it. If you do, would you please text me your address so I can come see it, or text me pictures of the inside. I think I remember you from the last Gun & Knife Show. Thank You. My need is very soon.

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