November 24, 2015

Medical Training

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40 hr. Disaster First-Aid Class

   Medical Emergency Preparedness Training


1.Basic Injury Treatment – 2 hour

  • Understanding the body and minor injuries

2. Anatomy/physiology – 4 hour

  • Getting to know the body bones, tendons, ligaments, spine, brain

3. Splinting & Immobilizing – 4 hour

  • C Spine immobilization, long bone fractures, femur and traction, splinting, patient moving etc.

4. Major Injury treatment – 4 hour

  • Major bleeding, arterial, head wounds, tourniquets, bandaging etc.

5. Cardiac and respiratory emergencies – 4 hour

  • Recognizing cardiac emergencies, strokes, and breathing problems, includes American Heart Association 2 year CPR certification

6. Environmental Emergencies – 2 hour

  • Heat and cold emergencies, recognizing and treating, bites and stings

7.  Advanced Care – 2 hour

  • Setting shoulders and other fractures normally requiring ER physician for orthopedic injuries, bleeding, sutures etc.

8. Recognizing and treating Shock – 4 hour

  • Types of shock, recognize, treat, prevent

9. Burns – 2 hour

  • All degrees of burns, recognize, treat, radiant, thermal, eye, skin

10. Pediatric Emergencies – 2 hour

  • Taking care of our youth, illness, injury, etc.

11. Head Injuries – 4 hour

  • Understanding new science behind concussions, treatment, and prevention

12. Disaster Preparedness – 4 hour

  • Preparing for disasters, mass casualty training, community involvement, search and rescue techniques.

13. Food/water and other aspects of disaster prep – 2 hour

  • How to prepare food, water storage and alternative water sources,


Cost of 40 hour training – $395.00 per person.  Maximum class size is 35 students.  Cost includes practical supplies, and all training materials, 2 year AHA CPR Certification Heartsaver Level. Course offers lots of hands on practice, not just lectures.  Course material taught by qualified firefighters/EMT’s with real world experience. 

Certificate of completion at the end of the training course following testing.